Comparing the Dual Pocket Pro and Dual Pocket SPIbelts

Trying to decide between the Dual Pocket Pro (top) and the Dual Pocket (bottom)? The Dual Pocket Pro and Dual Pocket are very similar but have some distinct differences. Having two pockets is ideal for sorting items and keeping things separated, so you don’t risk dropping keys or fobs when pulling out your phone to change music or reply to a text.

The Dual Pocket SPIbelt has been a fan favourite for years now. It is beloved for its carrying capacity while still being discreet. This belt features a small, which expands to 4x3x2″, and large pocket, which expands to 8x4x2″, on either side of the belt’s elastic. The expandable large pocket can hold any smartphone, while the smaller pocket expands to hold keys, money, and even an inhaler. You can also fit items like mace, CGMs, energy gels, or tablets into the small pocket. Why buy the Dual Pocket SPIbelt? Here is what some of our customers have to say about it:

“Smart. Low profile. Easy to wear. Space-saving. Lightweight. Love it!” — Julie E.

“Really love the dual pockets! I wear on bike rides and long walks. My phone fits in one pocket and keys in the other (or mask!).” — Celeste G.

“Very stealthy, very comfortable, can hardly tell I am wearing one.” — Philip L.

The Dual Pocket Pro is a more robust version of the Dual Pocket SPIbelt – with a broad 1.5″ band and bigger pockets. We have engineered this belt to maximize storage capacity. It has two pockets, the Original pocket size, which expands to 6.5x3x2″, and the large pocket, which expands to 8x4x2″. The large pocket easily accommodates large smartphones. Because of the pocket sizes, the Dual Pocket Pro will allow you to carry even more items! Why buy the Dual Pocket SPIbelt? Here is what our customers have to say about it:

“Second belt in six years. I like the wider band. The pockets are bigger. Hardware is improved. Enjoying my double pockets!”– David C.

“This thing is great! Clearly very well made. I can carry a lot of stuff in it without it being uncomfortable or too awkward.” — Dylan S.

“Holds everything flat and don’t even know I’m wearing it. Easy to get phone and keys out in a hurry too. Terrific product. Thanks.” — Dean W.

“I truly like this belt. The colours are just as vivid in person as they are in the picture. As a former sprinter, I don’t like to have anything that causes extra drag on me while running, however, this belt allows me to hold just enough on my body that is comfortable for when I do longer runs. Thanks for the excellent service.” — Zakiya I.

“Love it! It’s nice to have my phone on one side with everything else in the other pocket. This has eliminated my juggling act when everything was in one pocket.” — Donna C.

So how to choose one over the other? The Dual Pocket is great if you are looking for more carrying capacity while still being discreet. The Dual Pocket Pro is great if you are looking to maximise your carrying capacity, and for a durable belt that can keep up with your longest runs.